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I have been a resident of Ward 1 in Warwick for almost 40 years. I attended John Brown Francis Elementary School, Aldrich Jr. High School and Pilgrim High School. I am a graduate of The University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. My family has lived in Ward 1 for almost 65 years. My grandparents raised my mother and uncle in the same

house on Narragansett Parkway that my wife, Beth, and I are raising our three-year old daughter, Avery, in today.

In true Rhode Island fashion, I met my wife, Beth, when my cousin

(who is her best friend) set us upon a blind date. As they say, the

rest is history. We have been married for 11 years and settled down
in Ward 1 where we both grew up. After we married, Beth opened up

an estate planning and Elder Law practice in Ward 1. We have a

beautiful and feisty three-year old daughter named Avery and a
10-year old golden retriever, Murphy.


I have worked for 24 years as an accounting and finance

professional, including 5 years conducting financial audits and 15

years managing global budgets in excess of $400 million. Eight of

those years were as a Finance Director for a large financial services

company. During that time, I was responsible for creating the Health

Insurance, Dental, Disability, Pension OPEB and other benefits budgets

for all US employees.. I worked hand in hand with health care vendors as

well as third-party actuaries in regard to the Pension and OPEB costs. I also worked as the finance lead on numerous projects including Requests for Proposals (RFP) for vendor bids. I have experience creating and managing budgets, annual forecasts, and five-year outlooks for numerous business areas. Throughout my career, I worked with a wide range of colleagues including outside vendors, department managers and global executives in the US, Canada and Asia. One of my strengths was being able to work well with everyone and bring people together to get things done. I could not have done my job otherwise.


20200725_140303 (1).jpg

I am running to be your Council person in Ward 1 because I am appalled at the complete lack of professionalism displayed over the last few years by city leadership. I want our city to be a place people desire to move to because we have a sound financial future and great schools. I will bring finance and budget experience that is sorely lacking on the current City Council. When elected, I will fight for the residents of Ward 1, my neighbors for almost 40 years. With your help, we can make great things happen together and move away from the politics as usual games  that have engulfed our great city.

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